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UNIT 4: MY NEIGHBOURHOOD A. PHONETICS 1. Find the word which has a different position of the main stress in each line. 1. A. Physics B. History C. Chemistry D. Biology 2. A. Important B. Beautiful C. Diffcult D. Excellent 3. A. Activity B. Correct C. Camera D. Banana 4. A. Chicken B. Museum C. Hungry D. Favorite 5. A. Convenience B. Crowded C. Dislike D. Exciting 2. Put the words in the box into two groups. Reaction, cigarette, illegal, picnic, sleepy, picture, bean, leaves, sweet, minute. / i:/ /i/ 3. Circle A, B, C, or D for each picture.1. Mary is___ than Peter. A. Fatter b. Shorter c. Taller d. Higher 2. I usually ride around ___ the paddy fields in my neighbourhood at the weekends. A. A motorcycle b. A oto c. A bicycle d. A tractor 3. Jane likes ___, she plays it very beautifully. A. Playing the guitar b. Playing the violin c. Playing the piano d. Playing the trumpet 4. Is there a ___ of Literature in your neighbourhood? a. Church b. Pagoda c. Temple d. House B. VOCABULARY  GRAMMAR 1. Find the odd A,B,C or D 1. A. Left B. Rights C. Right D. Straight 2. A. Temple B. Palace C. Cathedral D. Beauty 3. A. Large B. Fast C. Noisy D. Modern 4. A. Expensive B. Convenience C. Peaceful D. Cheap 5. A. Offices B. Beaches C. Weather D. Buildings 2. Choose the correct option A, B, C or D to lớn complete the sentences. 1. My father works a factory. A. On B. In C. With D. By 2. Which shirt is , this one or that one ? A. Cheap B. The cheapest C. Cheaper D. More cheap3. There are 25 boys in my class. Son is . A. The youngest B. Younger C. Young D. The most young 4. I live 26 Tran Hung Dao Street. A. In B. On C. At D. From 5. Lan is . At English than my sister. A. Good B. Better C. Best D. The best 6. I usually go swimming in the afternoon after school. I think swimming is than other sports. A. Exciting B. More exciting C. Excited D. The most exciting 7. My new house is than other one.

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A.more convenient B. Convenient C. The convenient D.most convenient 8. I live da Nang City. I love it very much. A. At B. In C. On D. Near 9. My father always makes all the members in my family laugh. He is . Than my mother. A. Funnier B. Fun C. The funny D. Funny 10. These cases are than mine. I couldn’t help you. A. Heavy B. Heavily C. Heavier D. More heavy 3. Fill each blank with the correct comparative adjectives. 1. The red jacket is (cheap) . Than the blue jacket. 2. The shoes are (nice) than the boots. 3. The pink socks are (expensive) than the blue sweeter. 4. The brown sweater is .(good) than the blue sweater. 5. The chocolate looks (bad) than the candy. 6. he radio is . (new) than the DVD player. 7. The CDs are (old) than the DVDs. 8. These apples are . (fresh) than those apples.9. This dress is . (beautiful) than that dress. 10. Those green tomatoes are . (sweet) than the red tomatoes. C. READING 1. Read the passage và answer the question. I live in a house near the sea. It is an old house, about 20 years old, and it is not very large. There are two bedrooms upstairs but no bathroom. The bathroom is downstairs next khổng lồ the kitchen and there is a living room where there is a lovely old fireplace. There is a garden goes down to lớn the beach & in spring & summer there are flowers everywhere. I live alone with my dog, Boxer but we have many visitors. Many of my friends work in the city, so they often stay with me because they want khổng lồ relax. I love my house for many reasons: the garden, the flowers in summer, the fire in the winter, but the best thing is the view from my bedroom window. 1 Where is the house? ___ 2. How old is the house? ___ 3. What is in the front of the house? ___ 4. Why does the owner of the house have so many visitors? ___ 5. Why does the owner like the house? ___ 2. Read the passage và decide which statements are true (T) or false (F). I have a good friend. Her name is Nga. She’s in class 6A. This is her routine. Every morning, Nga gets up at half past six. She washes her face, brushes her teeth & eats a big breakfast. Then she goes lớn school at seven o’clock. She has lessons from half past seven to half past eleven. At twelve o’clock, she has lunch. In the afternoon, she does the housework. Then sheplays volleyball with her friends. In the evening, she does homework. She goes to lớn bed at ten o’clock. T F 1. Every morning, Nga gets up at six thirty. 2. She has a quick và small breakfast. 3. She goes to school at half past seven. 4. She has lessons from half past seven to twelve o’clock. 5. In the evening, she does her homework and goes to lớn bed at ten. 3. Fill each gap with a suitable adjective in the box. Exciting noisy quiet beautiful hot high green dry I love going on holiday to places where the temperature is really ___(1), & there is lots of ___(2) scenery. It rains a lot where I live, so I prefer holidays with no rain & ___(3) weather. Every year my family spends a week in the same place; there are lovely, ___(4) forests & beautiful ___(5) mountains. My brother doesn’t lượt thích ___(6) places. He wants somewhere more lively & ___(7). He always wants khổng lồ go to the thành phố which is quite ___(8). D. WRITING 1. Hóa trang sentences using the words and phrases given Example: How/ can/ you/ reduce/ waste/ home/? How can you reduce waste in your home? 1. My/ brother/ I/ go/ see/ football match/ between/ Eagles/ Hawks team/ last night/. ___ 2. My/ brother/ always/ say/ Eagles/ be/ fast/ ,/ strong/ ,/ and smart/ than/ Hawks/.___ ? 3. The/ Hawks/ play/ a lot/ good/ than/ Eagles/. ___ 4. One thing/ I/ not/ like/ be/ that/ goalkeeper of Hawks/ be/ not/ as/ active/ as/ goalkeeper/ Eagles/. ___ ___ 5. I/ be/ surprise/ that/ Eagles/ lost/ by/ 2-nil/. ___ 6. Driving home/ ,/ I/ be/ excite/ because/ my team/ be/ better than/ the/ Eagles team/ ./ ___ 2. Rewrite the sentences so that they have the same meaning as the ones given. 1. The bookstore is on the right of the photocopy store. The photocopy store ___ 2. The museum is behind the stadium. The stadium ___ 3. Hue’s house is near the river. Hue’s house isn’t ___ 4. Our school has a small yard. There___ 5. The hospital is in front of my house. My house is___ 3. Show your friends the way from your house to school. You can use some of the suggested words and phrases: go straight, on the left, on the right,take the first turning on the left, take the second turning on the left, cross the street, go along the street ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___