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So for this problem we are asked to lớn write to lớn it has lớn change to lớn reactions into complete. So the complete, I'm going to write in green complete ionic equations. Yes và then net ionic I'm gonna write in purple. So the net ionic just takes out whatever spectator ions there are. So for complete ionic we're gonna start with a so it's going to be everything broken apart. So effie solid plus we're going lớn have to H plus acquiesce Plus two and 0.3 minus. Yes yields. We have F. E. Sense N. 03 is still minus one & we have two of them. That means F. D. A. Has khổng lồ be plus two A glorious plus two và no three a glorious plus H. Two. Sorry I ran out of room plus H. Two. Gas. Okay so that is the first one. I'm gonna vày the same thing for the second one. So we start with cobalt salad plus two h plus a glorious plus two s. 0. Four minus Aquarius yield if Sf four is minus two and there's four of them, there's two of them. So the total negative charges minus four That means cobalt has to be plus four & now it's in a grievous swarm plus S. 04. Và sorry this is gonna be two S. 04 two s. 0. Four & it's two Aquarius Plus two H. 2.

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Yes yes two H 2 guests. Okay so then that is the complete ionic equation. So for the net ionic equation we're going lớn take away the spectator ions. So anything that's the same on both sides, we're gonna take it away. So typically your poly atomic ions are spectator ions. Everything else changes in this first equation. Therefore we're going khổng lồ write it without the spectator items. So we're gonna write the net Ionic equation. We have Effie solid Plus two H. Plus a glorious yields F. E. Two plus Aquarius plus H. Two. Yes. Và you'll notice that both sides have two positive charges so they are balanced và we are good to go. Then we're going to bởi vì the same thing down for B. So again take out whatever is the same on both sides. Those are Spectators. So it looks lượt thích sulfate is a spectator in this scenario. So we're going to lớn write it with ounce sulfates. So its Ceo solid Plus two H. Plus acquiesce. Yeah. See uh plus four Aquarius plus, oh this would be for, sorry this is So this is four h. Plus I missed the two subscript which means this is for H. Plus there we go. Um plus two h. 2. Yes. So then you're just taking out what is not needed because those are Spectators. So the complete ionic is found in green & the net ionic is found in the blue