10 ways to make your neighborhood greener this spring


The path to lớn a healthier planet can start on your block. This spring, take some simple steps khổng lồ make your neighborhood stronger & greener. Pick one to get started & get growing!

1. Grow a garden


Add beauty and nature to lớn your block by planting flowers that attract birds & butterflies. Save money và inspire your community lớn eat fresh foods by growing your favorite herbs và vegetables.

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Need help getting your garden started? Join gardening workshops with our community gardeners at GreenThumbandBrooklyn Botanic Garden.

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2. Care for the trees on your block


NYC’s street trees give back khổng lồ the environment as they grow—and you can see it for yourself! They clean our air by filtering out harmful gases, keep us cool and save on energy bills, strengthen our soil lớn prevent erosion, trap stormwater run-off to prevent flooding, và provide shelter và food for wildlife, such as birds và squirrels.

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Find your neighborhood street trees on our new NYC Street Tree Map—see how your street tree keeps your block healthy. You can keep track of how much you’ve cared for a tree, and get involved with street tree events near you.

Does your block need more trees? Find out how you can have a tree planted on your sidewalk

3. Ride a bike


Riding a bike not only keeps you active & gets you out exploring, but also helps khổng lồ reduce pollution levels in the city. Riding a xe đạp requires no fuel, unlike most cars, buses, & other motor vehicles that release toxic gas into the thành phố we love. Get moving on your bike today! Grab the NYC Bike bản đồ and plan your next trip khổng lồ work, to hang out, or to lớn visit your loved ones. Don’t own a bike? Find out how you can rent a bike in NYC!

4. Help your neighbors spruce up local parks


Join neighbors coming together this month lớn plant, paint, & clean up their local parks for spring!Volunteering with a local group is the best way to lớn meet your neighbors and support ways you can make your parks and neighborhood better.Find an upcoming Spring Cleaningevent

5. Become an advocate for your neighborhood park


What would you like to see in your park? Connect with an Outreach Coordinator at Partnerships for Parks khổng lồ learn how you can make your park better, whether you’re looking to organize a care group or lớn suggest new facilities và programming. Learn more about how People Make Parks

6. Plant trees in NYC’s forest


We’re making NYC greener by planting more trees in parks và caring for young forest! Trees clean our air, keep our thành phố cool, & provide food và safe homes for wildlife. Want khổng lồ help out? Volunteer with our Stewardship Team

7. Request a greening project for your social group or company


Bring your pals together khổng lồ help care for local parks! Whether your team has a project in mind or is just looking to pitch in, we’re here to help you get started. And we’ll provide the tools you need! Learn more about requesting a project for your group

8. Recycle responsibly


Trash dumped at landfills harm our environment by sending toxins in our air, soil, and water. Khổng lồ help make our environment cleaner và greener, the đô thị is encouraging New Yorkers khổng lồ pledge zero waste lớn landfills by 2030. Find fun ways you can recycle your trash, compost food scrap, và re-purpose yard waste—Take the Pledge!

9. Use open Data lớn activate your next social good project


Without leaving your home, you can use our city’s open Data to lớn grow stronger communities. Don’t worry, you don’t need to lớn be a data expert—we’ll teach you how khổng lồ use it. Learn about upcoming xuất hiện Data for All workshops

10. Report parks in need of care


Through 311, you can report trash in the parks, damaged play equipment, sick or dyingtrees, và more! 311 will give you a confirmation number you can use khổng lồ track our progress. Report a park in need of care