Giáo Án Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 Unit 1


Dưới đây là mẫu giáo án VNEN unit 1 My new school : Skills 1. Bài học nằm trong chương trình tiếng Anh 6 tập 1. Bài mẫu có : văn bản text, file PDF, file word đính kèm. Thầy cô giáo có thể tải về để tham khảo. Hi vọng, mẫu giáo án này mang đến sự hữu ích.

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UNIT 1 : MY NEW SCHOOLSkills 1I/ OBJECTIVESBy the end of the lesson, students can:•Use the present simple and present continuous.•Read for specific information about schools and talk about school activities, subjects and what Ss do at school1. Knowledge: a. Grammar : Review: The present simple and the present continuous b. Vocabulary: School lexical items 2. Skills: - Listening, Speaking, Reading,Writing and interactive skills 3. Attitude: - Cooperation, respect, having right and friendly attitudes with friends, teachers in the new school 4. Quality and competence: - Be confident and friendly with the new school environment - Develope listening, speaking skills and cooperative interactionII/ TEACHING AIDS (MATERIALS) 1.Teacher’s preparation: 2.Students’ preparation: -Lesson plan, Pictures, posters ,textbook, CD-MP3(Computer-Multi projector/cassette/ “sách mềm”) and other materials-Textbook, notebook, school things.III/ WORKING ARRANGEMENTS( WAYS OF WORKING ) - Pair work , individual work, group work, T-WCIV/ TEACHING PROCEDURE:1.Greeting and checking students’ adtendence: Total: In: ......... Out: .........2.Checking the old lesson3.New lessonTeacher’s activitiesStudents’s ActivitiesContentI.ReadingA.Pre – reading1. Read the text... (P12)*Preteach the vocabulary-Find out the vocabulary in each paragraph and then explaining the meaning-Ask students to look at the three pictures then give their ideas about the schools in the pictures.-Encourage Ss to give as many ideas as possible.B. While reading-Teacher asks the students to read three passages to check their idea- Set a strict time limit to ensure students read quickly for information2. Now find these words... (P12)- Ask students to read the passages again, then find the words in the passages. - Help them to give the meaning of the words, or explanations, or examples, or Vietnamese equivalent. - Tell students to pay attention to the context of the words3.Now read the text again... (P12)- Set a longer time limit for Students to reread the text and complete the sentences. - Ask students to note where they found the information that help them complete the sentences. - Have students to compare their answer. - Allow students to read in chorus once. Then call some individuals to read aloud to the class. Check their pronunciation and intonation.II. Speaking 4. Which school would you.... (P12)- Allow students to complete the table. - Students work in groups of 4 to discuss then complete the table. (students can use the background of the school). - Ask some to talk to the class. then the class give their comments on their friends’ content, pronunciation, fluency, language, body language, etc... -Whole class•Individual work- Pair-work- Individual work- Group-workI. New wordsPLC Sydney (Presbyterian Ladies’College Sydney ) – trường học dành cho học sinh nữ ở Sydney- Boarding school (n): trường nội trú- Kindergarten <"kində,gɑ:tnə> (n) trẻ mẫu giáo- Overseas <,ouvə"si:z> (adj, adv): hải ngoại- Equipment (n): thiết bị -international (adj ) quốc tế -Surounded (adj ) bao quanh , xung quanh-creative (adj ) sáng tạo - Join= take part in (v):-Key: - It is a boarding school. That means many Ss study and live there. - The school is surrounded by mountains and green fields. - … international school … for Ss from year 1 to year 2, Ss learn English with foreign teachers… (inter + national)- Some creative students do drawings and paintings in the art club.Key: 1- Boarding 2- Vinabrita 3.- Australia 4- Mountains 5- English speaking teachers.Background of the schools.- PLC Sydney: an international school for girls from kindergatern to year 12 in Sydney, Australia.- An Lac Lower Secondary School: a small school in a mountainous region in Son Dong Dist, Bac Giang Province.- Vinabrita School: an international school for Ss from year 1 to year 12 in Ha Noi.III. Consolidation-Teacher gets students to retell what they have learnt.IV.Homework•Prepare for the next lesson: Unit 1: Skills 2.•Learn by heart all the new words•Do Ex D1, 2, 3 (WB)

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