Jeanshave widely conquered the hearts và closets of people all over the world.People of all ages irrespective of any gender love khổng lồ wear this piece ofclothing. Since umpteen years jeans have found its place in the wardrobes ofrich and poor, celebrities & common man. However, it has not lost its charmand is here khổng lồ rule with its versatility.

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It would not be wrong khổng lồ say "jeans thy secondname is fashion". Nevertheless we can see a transition in peoples choiceof clothing. There is a shift from traditional wear to jeans all over theworld. Clothing khổng lồ a large extent depicts the social culture & tradition of acountry. Jeans has been successful in replacing the traditional wear over theyears in all countries of the world.

Let"sget into the history of jeans. At first jeans was used by the working classmen. It was thick, strong, and long lasting. In short a trouser that cansurvive in any conditions. This thick cốt tông cloth was made of "gene"material from Genoa, a city in Italy. Thus, it got its name.

Jeanswere an instant hit among people doing tough physical work. A tailor fromNevada, Jacob Davis wanted lớn create jeans incorporating his new idea. Hewanted to địa chỉ cửa hàng copper rivets at places where it tears easily like the curve ofpockets which often gets torn. This would not only strengthen the pants butalso địa chỉ to the style quotient of the trouser.

However, he did not have the money to patent in hisname. Jacob Davis approached Levi Strauss with his idea to lớn partner him in hisventure. Strauss accepted this offer. In 1873, Levi Strauss patented theriveted jeans under both their names. They became popular instantly. With thepassage of time it became renowned as "jeans". According lớn World denim marketproduction and consumption report 2012, at present the world market for jeansis estimated lớn be over US $66 billion.

Moreover,over 50 percent of denim production is based in Asia with China, India, Turkey,Pakistan và Bangladesh. 70% of world jeans consumption is among EU, US andChina. There are 513 denim mills worldwide. China alone has 297 mills, followedby 104 mills in other Asian countries, 46 in Latin America, 41 in Europe, 15 inAfrica, 9 in North America & 1 in Australia. Americans alone purchase 450million pairs of jeans every year.

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Whether one is wealthy or poor, jeans is everyone"s favoriteattire. Today, you can own a pair of jeans worth $40, even less or it may costyou thousands of dollars. A pair of jeans from Gucci sold for a whooping priceof $3,134 in Milan, 1998. It earned its place in the Guinness World Records asthe world"s most expensive jeans at that time.

Escada"s couture line has achieved a đứng đầu position in thelist till now. It has come up with the jeans costing an astonishing figure of$10,000. Its distinguishing feature was that it was coated with Swarovskicrystal from đứng top to the bottom. Levi Strauss & Company shelled out $46,532to buy its own jeans on eBay. The global denim market is dominated by iconicbrands such as 7 For All Mankind, Levi"s, Diesel, Armani Exchange, Guess,Wrangler, True Religion, Calvin Klein, Lee among others.

Looking at the facts và figures of the global denim market,jeans are in huge demand worldwide. Its gaining popularity reveals theimportant position it has taken in our lives. Today, various companies arecoming out with new styles, cuts, designs và fittings to suit individualchoices. Jeans have crossed all borders, social cultures, classes and it is oneof the most wanted outfits in the world.

The significant transition in the choice of people fromtraditional wear to lớn jeans worldwide, have practical reasons as well. They areno maintenance wear và anybody will swear for its durability. Women arebenefitted the most. Today as more and more women are working và they find lesstime for household work, jeans come khổng lồ their rescue.

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Unlike other bottoms it doesnt need lớn be washed often, doesntget torn easily và need not be ironed. This gives it an upper hand over othertypes of apparels. This wardrobe staple can be mixed and matched with manyclothing. Also, it is affordable hence economical. It is designed for men andwomen of all shapes & sizes.

The growing craze of jeans can beseen not only in youth but among all age groups. Moreover, it can beworn for both social và formal occasions. With hell lot of advantages, it isobvious to see a transition in peoples choice from traditional wear lớn jeans.It is likely that jeans remain in vogue because of their usefulness và ruleour wardrobes for years khổng lồ come.


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