Advantages and disadvantages of living in a city and in the countryside


Nowadays, a lot of people prefer to lớn live in cities than lớn live in countryside because they think large cities can provide a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá of advantages và opportunities for a better life. In my opinion, living in a peaceful countryside is better because of several reasons as below: Firstly, living in the countryside helps you to be closer to the nature that is obviously very good for your health. Houses in the countryside are surrounded by trees, flowers, etc. And they are xuất hiện to the nature where you can breathe fresh air và enjoy a peaceful life.

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There, you are woken up by the singing of the birds rather than by the noise from the traffic. Secondly, countryside is a place where you can have friendlier people và good-hearted neighborhoods. In the country, everyone knows everyone & people actually say “hello” when they meet each other. People in the country are really friendlier & are ready to help without asking anything in return.

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Thirdly, the cost of living in the countryside is lower than that in cities. People in the countryside can produce their own food, e.g. Vegetables, fruits, fishes, meat and so on. I understand that working in the countryside does not earn as much money as working in large cities. However, people in the countryside vị not have to waste money on unnecessary things. Finally, country life is easier than thành phố life. Time seems to run more slowly in the country which takes away a great khuyến mãi of căng thẳng that is experienced by thành phố dwellers, who tend to be always in a hurry to somewhere.

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to sum up, there are always two sides of a coin. Living in the countryside or living in large cities has its own advantages và disadvantages. For me, I prefer the peaceful life in the country because of the above-mentioned points. I wish I can afford to lớn build another happy house surrounded by a nice garden in the countryside when my husband and I get older.

Andy Mccoy

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