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"https://thuocmaxman.vn/loi-bai-sing-me-to-sleep/imager_2_11533_700.jpgSing Me to Sleep"https://thuocmaxman.vn/loi-bai-sing-me-to-sleep/imager_2_11533_700.jpg is a song by Norwegian record producer và DJ Alan Walker. Incorporating uncredited vocals provided by Norwegian singer Iselin Solheim, it was released commercially for digital consumption on 3 June 2016. Upon release, the recording was generally acclaimed by music critics, with several noticing similarities khổng lồ the style of its predecessor, "https://thuocmaxman.vn/loi-bai-sing-me-to-sleep/imager_2_11533_700.jpgFaded"https://thuocmaxman.vn/loi-bai-sing-me-to-sleep/imager_2_11533_700.jpg.

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Wait a second, let me catch my breathRemind me how it feels to hear your voiceYour lips are movin"https://thuocmaxman.vn/loi-bai-sing-me-to-sleep/imager_2_11533_700.jpg, I can"https://thuocmaxman.vn/loi-bai-sing-me-to-sleep/imager_2_11533_700.jpgt hear a thingLivin"https://thuocmaxman.vn/loi-bai-sing-me-to-sleep/imager_2_11533_700.jpg life as if we had a choiceAnywhere, anytimeI would bởi vì anything for youAnything for youYesterday got awayMelodies stuck inside your headA tuy nhiên in every breathSing me to lớn sleep nowSing me to sleepWon"https://thuocmaxman.vn/loi-bai-sing-me-to-sleep/imager_2_11533_700.jpgt you sing me to lớn sleep now?Sing me to sleepRemember me now, time cannot eraseI can hear your whispers in my mindI"https://thuocmaxman.vn/loi-bai-sing-me-to-sleep/imager_2_11533_700.jpgve become what you cannot embraceOur memory will be my lullabySing me lớn sleep nowSing me lớn sleepWon"https://thuocmaxman.vn/loi-bai-sing-me-to-sleep/imager_2_11533_700.jpgt you sing me khổng lồ sleep now?Sing me to sleepA-anytimeI would doTime awayYesterday-dayA-anytimeI would doTime awayYesterday-day

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Alan Walker Alan Olav Walker (born 24 August 1997) is a British-Norwegian DJ và record producer. In 2015, Walker received international acclaim after releasing the single "https://thuocmaxman.vn/loi-bai-sing-me-to-sleep/imager_2_11533_700.jpgFaded"https://thuocmaxman.vn/loi-bai-sing-me-to-sleep/imager_2_11533_700.jpg, which received platinum certifications in 14 countries. In 2019, he was ranked 27th on DJ Mag"https://thuocmaxman.vn/loi-bai-sing-me-to-sleep/imager_2_11533_700.jpgs đứng top 100 DJs danh mục of 2019. He released his debut studio album, Different World, in 2018 more »

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Written by: Alan Walker, Jesper Borgen

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