We Arrived Home Safe And Sound

Dưới đây là những chủng loại câu gồm chứa tự "safe and sound", trong bộ từ điển từ bỏ điển giờ Anh. Bạn cũng có thể tham khảo hầu như mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong tình huống cần đặt câu với tự safe và sound, hoặc tham khảo ngữ cảnh áp dụng từ safe & sound trong cỗ từ điển tự điển giờ đồng hồ Anh

1. Safe and sound.

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2. It"s safe & sound.

3. Now I"m safe và sound.

4. They arrived safe and sound.

5. They returned trang chủ safe và sound.

6. They turned up safe and sound.

7. We arrived home safe và sound.

8. He arrived in England safe & sound.

9. She came back home safe and sound.

10. Happily, all have returned safe và sound.

11. They have got trang chủ safe & sound.

12. They returned from their adventure safe and sound.

13. The missing children were found safe and sound.

14. Now we have arrived back trang chủ safe và sound.

15. I"m glad khổng lồ see you trang chủ safe và sound.

16. The rescuers brought the climbers back safe và sound.

17. The house remained safe and sound after the earthquake.

18. Their flight arrived at Lhasa Airport safe and sound.

19. During the beautiful time, our friendship, safe & sound.

20. The fragile trung quốc surthuocmaxman.vnved the bumpy journey safe và sound.

21. Anyway, you"re here safe and sound; that"s all that matters.

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22. 22 The fragile china surthuocmaxman.vnved the bumpy journey safe và sound.

23. Seventy-two human popsicles safe và sound in their cryo tubes.

24. He telegraphed that he had arrived in London safe & sound.

25. I can"t relax until I know you have arrived safe và sound.

26. They think they"re safe & sound, but their time will come soon enough.

27. The missing children were eventually found at a friend"s house, safe và sound.

28. Cling lớn him, và we shall be safe & sound from every danger.

29. “They were safe & sound & lithuocmaxman.vnng outdoors because of the fear of aftershocks.

30. Ringing from her local radio station, she heard her husband Duane is safe và sound.

31. After three days lost in the mountains, all the climbers arrived trang chủ safe and sound.

32. You have lớn imagine your little girl walking through that front door, safe và sound.

33. All I"m hoping for is that wherever Trevor is he will come trang chủ safe & sound.

34. Unlike the characters in the two prethuocmaxman.vnous novels, the protagonist emerges safe và sound from her semiotic entanglements.

35. They were indeed what they could only have been-the two scouting vessels which had returned, safe and sound.

36. Holy spirit is like the wind that you want khổng lồ catch so as lớn arrive at your destination safe và sound.

37. Babysitters are available so that you can dance till dawn, secure in the knowledge that your kids are safe and sound.

38. Internal control over ngân hàng accounting is a necessary measure to lớn prevent against financial risks & keep commercial banks" operation safe and sound.

39. I"d recommend you not lớn change the website no matter what happens, play it safe và sound because this is your first time.

40. Ate lớn the wolfhound beside next, half hour went that dog is safe and sound, everybody puts a person"s mind lớn have the worry that remain.

41. I am sure you"ve been trang chủ safe and sound, but not recovered from time difference, is it?Your humor, impishness & childishness gave me great impressions, which I like very much.

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42. In the morning she got up feeling very pleased & not worried at all, but when she took a look at the stable there was the young tailor standing outside it cock-a-hoop & safe and sound.