How is life in a big city? This paragraph will discuss about advantages và disadvantages of life a big city.

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Life In A Big thành phố Paragraph Writing Example For Students

People who live in big cities are known lớn have fast paced lifestyles. Your life is always busy. You wake up early and go to bed late. Most of the time, they only learn khổng lồ appreciate light meals for lunch, as their schedule is too tight, so most have little time for themselves.


Life in a big city can be fun and entertaining. It has many advantages. You can enjoy all kinds of entertainment lượt thích live music, theater performances, art galleries, museums, etc. However, it also has disadvantages. Apart from the traffic jams that happen almost every day in large cities, you have been threatened by health problems since life

On the other hand, finding a job in a big city is easy as there are a lot of companies there. You will surely have endless opportunities to work and meet people from all backgrounds. Life in a big đô thị is also exciting, because there are many interesting places lớn relax after long hours of work or study. In addition, in a big đô thị you have access to lớn almost all kinds of facilities compared to living in small towns where there are no shopping malls.

There are many advantages & disadvantages to living in big cities. It all depends on how you manage your time and what opportunities are available to lớn you when it comes lớn investing your time và money. You can enjoy your big đô thị life if you know how to lớn manage your time wisely.

Advantages of life in a big city are endless

People choose life in big cities because it offers them many opportunities. It’s always fun as you can go shopping anytime you want. You can also enjoy shows and concerts with your friends or colleagues. In addition, you can enjoy the events in different parts of the city. If you want a busy life, đô thị life is for you!

It is a good idea to live in a big city. It offers so many options for people, especially job seekers. The competition here is fierce as a lot of people also live here. However, if you manage your time wisely and have enough patience, then you certainly have a bright future ahead of you because big thành phố life is exciting.

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Life in a big city can get overwhelming, but it is rewarding if you are patient enough to lớn wait for the many opportunities life in the city has lớn offer.

Disadvantage of life in a big đô thị is traffic

Every city has its good and bad sides. This also applies khổng lồ large cities. One of the downsides of living in a big thành phố is the traffic, which seems lớn be getting worse every day. People don’t seem to be able to get around as fast as they’d like as the vehicles block their way on the road, resulting in a frustrating experience.

Another disadvantage of living in a big đô thị is the expensive rent or mortgage you have khổng lồ pay every month if you vày not come from a wealthy family. Basic service prices are also more expensive compared to lớn other cities where most people live. In addition, due khổng lồ the limited number of parking spaces, it is not easy to lớn find a parking space.


After all, in large cities, commuting from one place khổng lồ another can be very hectic, especially at rush hour.

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If you ask me what is the downside of living in a big city? Traffic is definitely the answer! At least for me. It would be nice if there were fewer vehicles on the road & more people using public transport. That way the traffic won’t get as bad as it is now.